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How do I make an appointment?

Our practice operates a full appointment system for doctors, nurse and clinics. Appointments can be made by telephoning the practice on 064 6632205, or by calling in.

If your appointment is in relation to a prodedure, please inform our receptionist as extra time may need to be allocated.

For emergency appointments, please inform our receptionist of your emergency and an appointment will be allocated to you on the day. We will accommodate emergencies and ill children even when the surgery is full.

If for some reason, you cannot attend a scheduled appointment, please contact the practice to cancel your appointment. This allows someone else to be seen in your place.

House Calls

House calls will be made to patients who are seriously ill or immobile. Please ring the practice as early as possible so a time can be arranged with the doctor.

Most problems are best dealt with in our practice where there is a full range of equipment and back-up. It is our practice policy for our receptionists to ask if there is any possibility of the patient coming into the practice.

How do I order a prescription?

Routine prescriptions may be ordered by filling out the form on our website, by emailing the practice on or by sending a written request into the practice.

Repeat prescriptions will only be taken over the phone in exceptional circumstances.

48 hours notice is needed for repeat prescriptions as each request must be checked by the doctor and records updated.

Hospital scripts

If you possess a medical card, you need to bring the hospital script to the practice so it can be put on GMS prescription paper.

How can I contact my doctor?

If you need to speak to your doctor, our receptionist will take your contact details and your call will be returned as quickly as possible. They cannot specify a time that the doctor will ring back as it depends on the daily workload. Most calls are returned after the surgery is finished in the evening. If your call is of an urgent nature, please highlight this to our receptionist and it will be dealt with.

How do I get my blood / test results?

If you have had routine blood tests carried out at the practice, it is the responsibility of the patient to phone for his/her own results approximately one week later. Other tests (X-rays, smear tests, MRI) may take longer and our receptionist will advise you of this.

How do I get forms or letters filled in?

There has been a substantial increase in the numbers of letters and forms being requested from doctors. Please allow one week for forms/letters to be filled out.

There is an administration fee for completion of certain letters or forms and they are not always covered by medical cards.

How can I pay?

Each medical visit usually requires payment. This can be made at the front desk. We accept cash, cheque, Laser, Visa and Mastercards. Each payment will receive a receipt which should be kept for tax purposes or claiming back from private insurance. We do not offer credit.

How can I join your practice?

There is a ‘New Patient Form’ on our website or you can collect one at our reception. Please fill in the form in full and we will contact you within 3 days regarding your application.

How to apply for a medical card?

Medical card application forms can be downloaded from our website (see ‘other useful forms’ section on our homepage). These forms need to be filled out by the applicant and then handed in for the doctor to sign. Medical Card application forms are usually signed within 48 hours. They then need to be sent to the HSE (as per the forms).

Further information can be found at

What services are provided to Medical Card holders?

Medical Card holders are entitled to a wide range of services from their GP. These services include consultation for treatment of illness and related services necessary for the treatment of a wide range of medical conditions free of charge.

Full medical card and doctor only card holders are entitled to the same services free of charge within the practice.

There are however, some services that are not covered by medical cards such as:

  • Pre-employment medicals
  • Driving licence forms
  • Travel vaccinations
  • Examinations relating to insurance policies
  • Some screening tests
  • Examination for entry to schools
  • Examination for legal reports
  • Examinations in connection with fitness to take part in sports
  • Private medical certs
  • Blood pressure monitors
  • INR (in-house testing)

Social Welfare Certs

Patients who are going on social welfare certs need to be seens by a GP. The first cert (Pink Cert) is valid for one week. Continuous certs are issued to patients who are absent for more than one week (Yellow Cert). Finally, when a patient is fit to resume work, they will need a final cert (Blue Cert).

Certs are not issued in advance of the current date. Changes in the last budget mean that the first 6 days of absention are not counted. There is no charge for Social Welfare certs.

Medical Certs

Patients requiring a sick cert need to be seen by a doctor. People who are on long-term certs may call with their details upon which a medical cert will be available for collection within 24 hours. There is a charge for medical certs.